Top 8 of the World's Largest 50 Banks Now Using CENTRL for Third-Party Diligence

Press release Team CENTRL 2022-04-13

Third-Party Diligence

Leading Silicon Valley risk and diligence firm is rapidly becoming the diligence platform of choice for the financial world

New York, NY - April 13, 2022

CENTRL, a Silicon Valley-based enterprise risk company, announced today that its platform is being used by eight of the world’s largest banks and investors. Financial institutions are using the CENTRL platform for managing the ongoing diligence of fund managers, custodians and service providers.

Ongoing diligence of third party relationships is a critical function for banks and asset owners to manage the risk of trillions of dollars in outsourced accounts and to comply with strict government regulations. Investors have over $16 trillion invested in alternative investment vehicles and likewise banks have even greater amounts in custodial accounts with partners around the world. Managing the diligence of these relationships is a core risk function and a major regulatory obligation for financial institutions worldwide. Up until now, the process has been largely manual with limited digitization and automation.

CENTRL has rapidly emerged as the leading diligence platform for the financial industry being used by global banks, investors and consultants to digitize their diligence process and deliver 50-60% efficiency gains and enhanced risk oversight. CENTRL has been driven by the vision that diligence is a two-sided process and hence its platform is being widely adopted by the fund managers, global custodians, sub-custodians and other respondents owing to its ease of use and highly secure infrastructure.

“Our goal is to make ongoing diligence as simple as possible for our clients and for their partners. We are pleased to see that institutions with even the most robust needs are leveraging our solution to improve outcomes,” said CENTRL’s CEO Sanjeev Dheer. “The platform offers a breadth of features clients find valuable including deep workflow automation, powerful analytics, reporting and the growing use of AI to transform the diligence process. Our goal is to empower the diligence professionals to focus on high value tasks rather than being mired in tedious manual processes.”

“We are especially excited about the fact that global financial institutions love the breadth and configurability of our platform and are able to leverage it for diligence operations across multiple groups within the bank”, Dheer added. CENTRL’s solutions include DD360 for Operational Due Diligence, BNM360 for custodian monitoring and Vendor360 for third party oversight.

Investors and managers interested in learning more about CENTRL can find details about the superior operational due diligence process here, global bank network management teams can learn more here, and third-party and vendor risk management teams can learn more here.



CENTRL is a leading third party risk and diligence platform for financial institutions worldwide. Its solutions deliver significant efficiency improvements and enhanced risk oversight to diligence teams across asset owners, securities services and investment groups. The CENTRL platform offers the most advanced and comprehensive features including deep workflow automation, analytics, reporting, collaboration, and content management. The CENTRL platform is used by some of the largest banks and investors across the Americas, Europe and APAC.

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