Shared Assessment's SIG is Now Fully Integrated into CENTRL Platform

Press Release CENTRL 2018-03-23

Mountain View, California - March 3, 2018 — Sharing a common goal, CENTRL is joining the Shared Assessments Program with its integration of the Shared Assessments Standard Information Gathering (SIG) questionnaire in its vendor risk management solutions. “Our relationship is clearly symbiotic. While the SIG questionnaire has revolutionized assessments, it’s the combination of CENTRL’s VRM software and the SIG that has revolutionized the entire process,” says CENTRL COO Chris Marino.

The new partnership between Shared Assessments and CENTRL is the defining point for many companies that are still using emails and Excel files to manage their vendor risk. “Using a dedicated risk management application and SIG has now become the industry norm. As with many technologies, there are those firms who embrace and leverage the technology benefits and those companies who lag behind the industry, often to their detriment,” said Marino.

Shared Assessments is dedicated to the advancement of third-party risk management. As a member-driven organization with over a decade of experience, they’ve developed industry best practices, standardized assessments, certification programs and an active community focused on advancing the overall progress of the field of risk management. Its continuing efforts to inform their constituents on the latest regulations, industry standards and guidelines along with the current and global threat environment has allowed its membership to elevate their effectiveness.

“Minimizing risk management is not a zero sum game. The risk management community can succeed together. In fact, the more risk we remove from the market, the greater the industry’s benefit with higher profit margins, lower prices and greater trust in our ability to minimize risk,” says Jenny Burke, Senior Vice President of Shared Assessments.

CENTRL’s vendor risk management philosophy mirrors those of Shared Assessments. CENTRL’s Vendor360 software is specifically designed to apply industry and customer best practices in its application. “We have developed an application that has revolutionized the risk management process. Improving company efficiencies and delivering greater insight is at the core of everything we do. We know when our customers succeed, we succeed. It’s that simple,” says Chad Whitney, VP of Sales and Customer Success.

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