CENTRL Rolls Out New Auto Populate Feature To Pre-Fill Due Diligence Questionnaires For Its AI-Powered Due Diligence Platform, CentrlGPT

Press release CENTRL Marketing 2024-01-18

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - January 18, 2024

CENTRL, a leading provider of Risk and Diligence platform for the Investment Management industry, announced the launch of its new Auto Populate feature, a major enhancement to CentrlGPT, its advanced AI platform. The Auto Populate feature was designed using Investment Management industry trained Large Language Models to fill a critical need in the due diligence process by automatically populating Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs) based on documents or standard DDQs previously received from Managers.

“We are thrilled to unveil the Auto Populate feature, a transformative addition to the CentrlGPT platform” said Mia Shen, Product Manager at CENTRL. “Designed in direct response to a widespread challenge among our clients, this feature further streamlines Due Diligence processes by automating the pre-filling of DDQs with already available Manager information. The positive reactions from our clients for bringing this new solution to market is a testament to the value it brings to their daily operations.”

The Auto Populate feature fills out DDQs within minutes using various documents from managers such as policies, Fund Prospectuses, or standard DDQs. In addition to being highly accurate, it is completely transparent as it meticulously cites detailed source references for all generated responses. Most importantly, the Auto Populate feature is fully embedded in the workflows of DD360, CENTRL’s Investment Management Due Diligence solution.

“We are working on a very exciting roadmap of new AI powered features that we will be announcing in the next few months. We believe that 2024 will be a transformative year in the application of AI to the Risk and Diligence process. We are working closely with our clients in this regard and focussed on solving real pain points to empower diligence teams to manage risk” said Shailesh Alawani, VP of Product Management.


CENTRL is a leading third party risk and diligence platform for financial institutions worldwide. Its solutions deliver significant efficiency improvements and enhanced risk oversight to diligence teams across banking, investment management and other verticals. The CENTRL platform offers the most advanced and comprehensive features including deep workflow automation, analytics, reporting, collaboration, and content management. The CENTRL platform is used by some of the largest banks and investors across the Americas, Europe and APAC.

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