CENTRL Partners With BlueVoyant to Bring Third-Party Cyber Risk Monitoring to its Third-Party Risk and Diligence Platform

Press release CENTRL Marketing 2023-03-01

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CENTRL’s due diligence platform now offers continuous cyber monitoring of third parties.

Mountain View, CA – March 01, 2023

CENTRL, the leading risk and diligence platform, announced today that it has partnered with BlueVoyant, an industry-leading cyber defense company that combines internal and external cybersecurity, to provide ongoing cyber monitoring of third parties including vendors, service providers and partners within its platform. With growing cyber risk, companies are looking for deeper insight into the cyber health of their partners. While they are enhancing their questionnaires with additional cyber questions, they find that periodic review of responses is not sufficient. Given the dynamic nature of cyber risk, it is important to have continuous and real-time monitoring without placing any additional burden on their partners. Equally importantly, clients want to see their continuously monitored cyber risk reduction solution integrated with their overall risk and diligence program.

In response to this urgent need, CENTRL has partnered with BlueVoyant to create the leading solution to help clients manage cyber risk in their ecosystem. BlueVoyant’s Supply Chain Defense (SCD) solution provides real-time monitoring of hundreds of thousands of companies around the world by leveraging proprietary datasets, advanced machine learning, and expert analyst curation to identify and mitigate the risk from cyber vulnerabilities in their supply chain. BlueVoyant is unique in that it goes beyond risk monitoring to risk mitigation by leveraging its Risk Operations Center (ROC) where analysts work directly with the third parties to identify vulnerabilities, hence reducing the need for clients to devote internal resources towards this growing challenge.

“We are excited to partner with BlueVoyant to address this pressing need our clients are facing,” said Sanjeev Dheer, CEO of CENTRL “We believe that the combined solution is the perfect answer as it provides our clients with a 360 view of their third parties’ risk posture on a continuous basis, without placing any additional burden either on their internal teams or on their partners.”.

Joel Molinoff, global head, Supply Chain Defense BlueVoyant commented, “We are pleased to partner with CENTRL because we see a natural fit between our Supply Chain Defense solution and CENTRL’s third-party risk platform to help clients effectively manage the growing threat of cyber risk in their partner network. In our experience, the combination of the questionnaire-based risk monitoring and external cyber monitoring to validate cyber risk questionnaire responses offers a powerful solution to enterprises worldwide.”



CENTRL is a leading Third Party Risk platform serving leading enterprises across the globe, including Banks and Investment Managers. CENTRL offers a fully automated platform for managing the full life cycle of third party risk, including a comprehensive third party database, end-to-end questionnaire workflow, detailed analytics and reporting. CENTRL leverages workflow automation, analytics and AI to help clients reduce risk, enhance efficiency and comply with regulations. CENTRL works with hundreds of clients across the globe, including the largest financial institutions and Fortune 1000 companies.

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Katie Hanna katie@interruptmedia.com

About BlueVoyant

BlueVoyant combines internal and external cyber defense capabilities into an outcomes-based cloud-native platform by continuously monitoring your network, endpoints, attack surface, and supply chain, as well as the clear, deep, and dark web for threats. The full-spectrum cyber defense platform illuminates, validates, and quickly remediates threats to protect your enterprise. BlueVoyant leverages both machine-learning-driven automation and human-led expertise to deliver industry-leading cybersecurity to more than 900 clients across the globe.

BlueVoyant Press Contact:

Jennifer Schlesinger jenny.schlesinger@bluevoyant.com

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