CENTRL Announces First Of Its Kind AI Powered DDQ Response Solution

Press release CENTRL Marketing 2024-04-11

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - April 11, 2024

CENTRL, a leading innovator in AI-powered third-party risk and diligence solutions for the financial industry, today launches its groundbreaking generative AI solution tailored specifically for responders of Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs), security questionnaires, and more. Leveraging cutting-edge generative AI technology, Response360 is a first-to-market solution that dramatically reduces the time spent answering questionnaires while increasing the accuracy of responses.

“Response360 is a natural extension of our industry-leading due diligence platform and helps complete our vision of building a complete diligence network for the financial industry. What is exciting about Response360 is that it has been designed from the ground up around AI and based on models trained on industry content. We have been testing the solution with response teams across Banks, Asset Managers and Service providers and the feedback has been incredibly positive. We look forward to partnering with clients to rapidly evolve the solution,” said Sanjeev Dheer, Founder and CEO.

Key benefits of Response360 include:

Seamless Digitization: Response 360 seamlessly digitizes all incoming DDQs and questionnaires, regardless of format, including Word, PDF, and Excel. Its advanced AI capabilities ensure effortless handling of unique questionnaire formats without requiring user intervention, while providing users with options to organize digitized content efficiently.

AI-Powered Precision: Utilizing CENTRL’s domain-trained AI model, Response360 automatically answers questionnaires with a high degree of accuracy. CENTRL’s AI, specifically tailored for the financial industry, outperforms generic response tools in both speed and precision. It populates answers from the user’s Answer Library, then extracts and generates answers from documents with exceptional accuracy, completing DDQs and questionnaires within minutes rather than days.

Centralized and Reliable Source of Responses: Response360 maintains a centralized and reliable source of responses by automatically creating an Answer Library with proprietary answers. It seamlessly updates the Answer Library with AI-powered automation, freeing teams from manual content maintenance burden and ensuring data consistency and accuracy.

Streamlined Review Process: Response360 customizes team workflows and provides detailed source references for every pre-filled response for transparency. It generates supporting rationale for informed and efficient reviews and facilitates collaboration among colleagues to answer/review questionnaires while tracking changes.

“We are thrilled to introduce Response360 to the market,” said Mia Shen, Product Manager at CENTRL. “This launch marks a natural evolution in our journey to create an AI-powered diligence network designed specifically for the Financial Services industry. With Response360, organizations can transform response strategies, scale teams without limits, and achieve unparalleled AI-driven accuracy. We believe this solution will revolutionize responder operations in today’s rapidly changing risk and diligence environment.”/n

CENTRL invites interested parties to learn more about its Response360, by visiting CENTRL.ai. For media inquiries or further information, please contact Alice Stephens at astephens@centrl.ai or 414-403-1172.


CENTRL is the AI powered third party risk and diligence platform for financial institutions worldwide. Its solutions deliver significant efficiency improvements and enhanced risk oversight to diligence teams across banking, investment management and other verticals. The CENTRL platform offers the most advanced and comprehensive features including deep workflow automation, analytics, reporting, collaboration, and content management. The CENTRL platform is used by some of the largest banks and investment management firms across the Americas, Europe and APAC.

For more information please contact:
Alice Stephens
Head of Marketing

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