CENTRL is backed by some of the tech world’s most influential investors.

Providence Equity Partners is a leading global asset management firm specializing in equity investments in media, communications, education and information companies around the world. The firm manages funds with $45 billion in assets under management across complementary private equity and credit businesses and has invested in more than 150 companies globally since the its inception in 1989.

Susquehanna Growth Equity Susquehanna Growth Equity was founded in 2006 as an affiliate of Susquehanna International Group. SIG is privately held and has accumulated a substantial financial base, it provides a rock solid source of financing for us and our portfolio companies through market cycles.

Cue Ball is a venture capital firm built on a distinct, human capital-centric philosophy. Our mantra is manifest in our unique investor base, the entrepreneurs we back, and our General Partners, who have all been successful business-builders. We seek that rare intersection of extraordinary people, pioneering ideas, and sound business fundamentals. We partner in areas where we hold differentiated experience, sense a cultural simpatico and see a clear opportunity for value-add. We are committed to working tirelessly with such entrepreneurs as we join them in the next chapter of their stories.

Nyca Partners is a venture capital and advisory firm exclusively focused on applying innovation in financial services into the global financial system. Our rich experience and deep connections in both finance and technology give us a unique perspective and facility to help entrepreneurs transform payments, credit models, digital advice, and financial infrastructure. We strive to form truly collaborative partnerships, offering our own money and expert advice.